Looking for a manual link building service to boost your ranking in Google?

We help our clients build high quality ‘white hat’ links to their website with by finding websites in their industry and providing them value, in exchange for links. 


100% Transparent Service

We give you complete transparency over all the work we conduct for you. No hidden tricks. 


High Quality & Relevant Links

100% white label link building service to build quality & relevant links to your website. 


Guaranteed 10 links per month

We keep working until we get 10 links for you each month, although its pretty rare we struggle..

Get new links built to your website manually every month

Our link building service takes the hassle out of generating new links to your website each month to boost your ranking in Google. Let our experienced SEO team build those links for you.


  • 100% Transparent Services
  • Guranteed to get 10 links per month
  • Fixed prices with everything included
What is Link Building?

In the area of search engine optmisation, link building is a process which aims to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a website. The end goal of link building is to increase the search engine rankings of that website.

How long does it take to see results?

A study by MOZ showed it takes an average of 10 weeks to see 1 rank jump from link building activites. The effects of link building tend to increase over time. 

Why outsource Link Building to a specialist?

Link building is a very time consuming process. Without the right knowledge, all your link building efforts can be for nothing. 

How much does link building cost?

You can check our link building package pricing here

Your website may have the best content in the world, but without backlinks you will not rank well in Google


You cannot purely survive off good content and expect to be rewarded by Google’s search engine. You need need to ensure that other websites, that are relevant to your business are talking about you. And the way people talk about each other online, showing that you are a trustworthy website, is via linking. Therefore, your website must have links to have any hope of ranking on the first page of Google.


A transparent link building service that not only delivers high quality links to your website, but increases organic traffic and refferall traffic!


Our link building campaigns are implemented by leading Australian SEOs. Our focus is on not only building high quality links to your website, but by networking your company on your behalf to obtain other opportunities. We have run many link building campaigns in the past, so are well aware of what does and doesn’t work.

Our link building service is suitable for companies who want: 

  • Increased organic traffic to their website
  • Increased referral traffic
  • Increased exposure to great content which you’ve published

How Does a Link Building Campaign Work?


Link Campaign Strategy

Figure out which type of links we will build to your website. 


Prospecting for Links

Find website opportunities where we can approach for links. 


Outreach to Websites

Contact link prospects via email and negotiate link placement.


Create Content to Publish

Write content with links to our website for publishing. 

Want to see EXACTLY step-by-step every task we complete for our clients?

Exactly What You Get When You Become a Client

Unlike some SEO agencies in Melbourne, we like to be completely transparent about the activities that we undertake for your link building campaign.

True to our word, below we’ve spelled out for you exactly what will happen when you become a customer – with every painful detail to give you comfort about what you’re getting.

Sound good?

1. We have a chat and see if we can actually help you
I like to have an initial chat with you to see what your goals are and if we’re a good fit.
2. Get access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console
We take a look at the data behind your website traffic to see what content is working for you and where you could get some quick wins.
3. Audit Content on your website
We run our eye over the content you already have on your website to determine if you have any link worthy assets that we can use as part of your link building effort.
4. Make suggestions for content to be published on your website
If you don’t have any link worthy content on your website, we’ll suggest some ideas for you of good content you can write. If you need us to write link worthy content for you, that will be extra.
5. Determine which pages we will build links to
We’ll formalise which pages we think will be good targets for your link building efforts.
6. Decide what keywords/topics you would like to rank for
In consultation with you we decide which keywords and topics you would like to rank for.
7. Audit Links pointing to your website
We check the anchor text of the links pointing to your website to ensure that we don’t over optmise with your anchor text.
8. Choose types of links we think will best suit your link building campaign
We strategise to work out what will be the best type of links to build for your campaign.
9. Populate a list of Google operators to help research opportunities
Using your agreed keywords and topics, we generate a large list of Google operators to use for finding prospects to approach.
10. Prospect for websites where we think we can get links for your company
With the huge list of Google Operators or Google Dorks, we manually scan ‘the internet’ for potential websites where we can get links to your website.
11. Create an email account on your behalf
Ideally we would get an email account setup on your domain. If that’s not possible, no stress we can setup a similar domain and gsuite for email.
12. Email prospects manually
Step 12 and it is time to get our outreach emails going. We write super personalised emails to each of the prospects which show that we have actually read their website and know that they are a human. Too many website owners are getting slammed with spammy requests for link building, so we tailor our emails to be unique.
13. Follow up with prospects
Not everybody responds to the first email. In fact, we find that it can take a couple of followups to get a response to what essentially is a cold email. We point out to recipients that we are friendly humans…just like them and to please have a read of our previous offer.
14. Write Content for Prospects
Many of the links we’ll build for you are guest posts where we’ll draft up content related to your topic and send to your for approval, prior to sending the prospect. If we manage to get more than 10 links in a month, an additional $30 per guest article will apply. If you would like to write all guest post opportunities yourself, that is fine, but you need to be prepared to turn around content quickly.
15. Secure the link
We make sure that the content we’ve provided gets published and record the link in our project tool.
16. Report each month
At the end of each month we give you a report with the links gained and SEO metric’s changes.

Types of links we build

There are many different link types we may use in your link building campaign. Below we’ve listed just a few of the types that may be used during your campaign. 

How much does our service cost?



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